Talking About The Weather

Yesterday, the windstorm came and the rains came down hard. Its as if the lack of rain all summer decided to come at once. Trees were breaking, power lines were down, and the lights were out, leading to absolute madness on the roads. Like rats piling over each other to escape the storm drain, we sat there in our cars, surrounded by a sea of other cars. There was no escape, every back road was either gridlocked, closed, covered in flares or draped gracefully with live wires.
It was a windy day on many levels. Floating in my thoughts was a missed reunion, a missed funeral, a musical milestone, and all the poignant, upside-down feelings that sometimes come with life’s twists and turns. Sometimes I swear the weather eggs me on in my flights of fancy. I was grateful for the pouring rain, the wind, and the chaos of it all. There was something, I don’t know, validating about it all.
Like the weather is saying what I don’t have the words to say.
I like storms for the same reason that I love psychology. Both reflect manifestations of underlying, subtle forces. We tend to dislike the carnage that storms can bring, but they also remind us to stop and pay attention, to listen to this moment and to listen to ourselves. Where is this coming from?…and what am I missing here?
So whether this day brings sunshine, rain, or hurricanes, I hope that the silver lining reveals itself to you. All is well.

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Come Out From Behind The Curtain And Swing For The Fences

Lately I’ve gotten a bit hung up on self-improvement. Maybe it’s because I have been subjecting myself to all the self-help audios I release ;). It is an interesting thing to choose to grow, because while there is promise of getting somewhere you would like to go, or becoming the person you would like to be, at least for me, I also have to accept that a month or a year from now, I might look back and see where I came from, and be slightly embarrassed at what I was once proud of-maybe see something I didn’t see before. Sometimes, it’s more comfortable to be blind to my unfinished-ness.

So I’ve been working really hard at improving, and actually, that constant focus on improving has given me a sense of “Oh crap, what if I create something today that I could have done better tomorrow?” You know, by that better, more improved person I will be at that point. And recently I’ve reached a point in a musical project where I’ve recorded to the best of my ability after getting lessons, practicing, working on being on stage, putting my heart into it. You know, the part where I have to admit this is the best I can do at this point in time, step out, and pull back the curtain. There is something deeply humbling and magical about moments in time like this. It’s like telling the love of your life how you feel about them, knowing full well they could crush you, and yet doing it anyway.

I keep thinking of that scene from “The Wizard of Oz” when the great and powerful Oz is discovered behind the curtain. He has been projecting out this great green giant head to impress everyone-when in actuality, he is just a man behind a curtain. When I first saw that movie, I may have feared that great green giant head, but I didn’t connect with it. Instead, I felt a connection with the man behind the curtain. The one who made mistakes and fumbled around, and all around just did the best he could. And really, when I think about the artists, philosophers, and visionaries that have impacted me the most, it was not their perfection that compelled me, it was their raw spirit. It was their courage to step out from behind the curtain and put it out there-the unadulterated truth of what they saw, the unfinished, the unexplored, the undone, the crass, the brazen, the sweet and the sour, the love, the hate and everything in between. Maybe the man behind the curtain was more compelling than he realized.

I think we all have our ways of hiding behind the curtain, and our inner and outer critics that tell us we have to be better than we are. And it’s easy to get paralyzed by this fear, and instead get locked into this idea that our best self is somewhere out in the future. I would say the person behind the curtain is the best self, a person on a journey, a person trying new things, doing their best. Being behind the curtain is part of the journey, as well as coming forward and following your dreams. There is no way to start perfectly. You just have to start, and then keep on trying.

In 1923 Babe Ruth struck out more times than any other player in major league baseball, but he also had the record for the most home runs and the highest batting average of the season.

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Let Go, Make Room For Bigger And Better

In Stephen Mitchell’s translation of the Tao te Ching, one passage reads “The Master leads by emptying people’s minds and filling their cores, by weakening their ambition and toughening their resolve. He helps people lose everything they know, everything they desire, and creates confusion in those who think that they know”.

Last night I watched an episode called “Hoarders” where there are people who cannot let go of their things to a point where they basically pack themselves like sardines in piles of (mostly) trash that they desperately do not want to let go of. I have to say that watching this show inspired me to organize my closets, get rid of everything broken, or not quite right. At any rate, during this show, many of the people cling desperately to things that have very little to no value, things that are hurting them and those they love.

I think most people have some things they hold onto, things that do not serve them anymore, but because of guilt, obligation, fear or ambivalence, have not made the decision to let those things go. And so, closets begin to fill and spill over, piles begin to grow, and the cobwebs begin to form. It begins to take a lot longer to straighten up all those things, to find things, to have the space to really appreciate what you have.

Just like we sometimes tend to cling to things we no longer need, we also tend to hold onto beliefs that do not serve us anymore. Maybe we had an unfortunate love affair and decided that we will never love again. Maybe we were treated unkindly and came to believe we must be no good. Maybe we think we need to make millions of dollars and have unsurpassed power in order to feel competent or valuable. Take a look around you, everyone you see has those kinds of beliefs, like stuff in storage we’ve been paying for for years but don’t bring us any value, mostly just pain.

This is what brought me to really appreciate hypnotherapy. It’s about letting go of the baggage, taking a good look at those beliefs we carry that are doing little but dragging us down. It’s about clearing out the clutter and making room for what you want.

If you want the new, you must be willing to let go of the old. This can apply to many aspects of life, from things, to relationships, to the beliefs that you carry.

Let go, and you make room for bigger and better.

And I think in a way, this is what Lao Tzu was saying, that the master knows that it is more important to teach others to let go rather than collect. How can one grow after all, if one does not give oneself the space to?

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Where Therapy Falls Short, Hypnotherapy Steps Forth

Have you ever known someone who went to therapy for years and years, processed their past, could tell you why they do what they do, and yet haven’t changed that pattern or tendency they went to therapy to begin with? When I first began my journey as a therapist, I wanted to know everything there was to know about psychology. Why do people do what they do? Why do some people love themselves, where others do not? Why are some people happier than others? Why do people get sucked into patterns in their lives that they can’t seem to change? I learned all I could from what are considered by western standards the great psychology pioneers and was excited to practice all that I had learned.

For the first couple of years, I stuck with what I now consider the western-style psychotherapy, which tends to focus a bit more heavily on symptom management and self-awareness. After a while, I came to realize that there were many people who, despite understanding themselves on a conscious level, could not seem to change what they desperately wanted to change. There seemed to be a missing piece, something better to hope for than “symptom management”.

This led me into hypnotherapy, wary as I was in the beginning. I always had associated hypnosis with sideshows, false memory syndrome, and mind control. In reality, it was quite the opposite. That training was one of the most profound experiences of my life. I learned that hypnotherapy is actually a sort of self-directed healing process. Deeply respectful of the will of each individual, it is not about controlling people’s minds, it is about giving them the opportunity to see their past for what it is, to release beliefs that no longer serve them, so that they can heal and truly move on. It cannot change someone against their will, nor is it supposed to. But for those who are ready to really look inside themselves, I have seen results in my clients quickly, effectively and permanently.

Picture a tree. The leaves are like our conscious mind, the roots represent our subconscious. In standard therapy settings, you may examine the leaves, pick the leaves or try to grow them in a different direction. Unfortunately, if there is something hindering the growth of the roots, the tree remains impaired. When someone goes through something that is traumatic in one form or another, often unresolved emotions and even body memories are a result. In addition, in order to avoid this experience again, the person will make certain contracts (such as “I will never love again”) with themselves in this highly charged state. They may also take on certain beliefs about themselves (such as “I am no good”). These types of beliefs, contracts and emotion/body memories are stored on a subconscious level, sometimes as implicit memories (the person is unable to remember the details of the situation consciously).

One could say that when you are in a highly charged or disturbing situation, you are already in a state of hypnosis. So if you decide that the world is an evil place and you will stay in your house for the rest of your life when you are in the middle of a highly charged situation, chances are you will feel very compelled to stay in your house and isolate from the world after that point. One of the reasons that hypnosis is so powerful is that it accesses the same hypnotic state that the unhelpful belief or contract was taken on. Instead of picking the leaves to get the root system healthy, going straight to the root. This is where standard therapy fails. It tries to address subconscious material on a conscious level. That’s like trying to make a tree produce different leaves by picking the leaves off.

People have asked me, “How do you get to the root?” The short answer is, your emotions. They are like the superhighway, pointing to the source of just about any hang up you may have. Have you ever noticed that in certain situations, feelings come up? They could be feelings that remind you of negative past experiences? Have you ever found yourself disliking someone who reminded you of someone who hurt you in your past? Our subconscious mind has a brilliant way of bringing these old feelings up over and over and over again. Though most people don’t appreciate those old feelings all that much, they are there to help you to see that there is an old wound that would like tending to.

FAQ about my hypnosis albums
1. Can I sleep through hypnosis and still get the results I am after?
That depends upon you and the album you are listening to. Of course, I include suggestions related to achieving the goal of the album, so if someone falls asleep, they are still getting the positive reinforcement they are after, especially if they listen repeatedly. On the other hand, I do include guided self-reflection on many of my albums so that people can take a second look at their own beliefs and contracts and see what they are ready to release or reframe for themselves. This is really important for people who are serious about letting go of unhelpful beliefs or patterns they have. If someone has made a contract or decided to believe something at some point in their lives, they have to be willing to let that belief or contract go. I cannot and would not even want to try to do that for them as it would be violating their sense of choice.

2. Are you taking on any clients?
Not at this time.

3. Why is the purpose of splitting up tracks?
Everyone is a little different and so they can pick and choose tracks that resonate best with them. People can shorten or lengthen the playlist if they have less or more time to work with. Most of my albums have tracks that build upon each other, so you may want to listen through the album entirely a few times before you do this. If you would like to create your custom playlist, just put them in this order…

1. Induction
2. Deepening
3, 4, 5…(whatever tracks benefit you most)
Count up.

4. How often should I listen to an album to get the results that I want?
Again, everyone is a little different, depending on their history, severity of the issue, and ability to achieve deep trance states. I can’t give a definite answer, but I can say that it takes a repetition of doing something 21 times in order to form a habit. You could take this principal with the albums as a rule of thumb, but of course you could achieve your results much sooner than that.

5. Does it feel weird to be hypnotized?
You are in and out of hypnosis all day long: While falling asleep, driving, bored and daydreaming and watching television.

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Tulips In The Snow

I woke up this morning and the world was covered in a blanket of white, the first snow of the year. And as I was sitting there thinking about what I could do today, the light out of the corner of my eye caught me. I noticed the tulips on the table against the majestic white wonderland outside. Twinkling lights off in the distance and roads that look like a few cars gingerly tried their luck. It’s quiet, you know the kind of quiet where everyone decided that it’s okay to stay home and do nothing. I don’t think I could improve a moment like this, even if I tried.

It’s a beautiful life and a beautiful day.

Last week, my yoga instructor gave us a mantra, something to focus on when our thoughts started to wander. It went “I am happy…not because everything in my life is good…but because I see the good in everything”. For myself, someone who is always looking at how everything connects together, fascinated with the origins of life’s difficulties, it hit me as so simple, yet so profound. There will always be problems to work out…

But these tulips only have a day or two left to shine their brilliant colors. There will never be tulips exactly like these again, sitting on my kitchen table, contrasted by a winter wonderland outside.

Eleven years ago, I lost my brother in a car accident and the anniversary still hits me, and I’m glad it still hits me, because I still feel the sweetness, the gratitude for the time we had. I think of the last moments we spent together, goofing off in the snow. Those moments, like the tulips will forever be written on my heart. So I remind myself that each day is filled with tulips-people I love, beautiful moments passing by, and not to miss it.

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Back To When I Had It All Figured Out

It all started when I thought I knew everything. I was roughly 8 years old I think. I had decided that I would do everything better than my parents did, live a fun and exciting life, make the kind of decisions that would really get me somewhere. I would sit and make all of these elaborate plans of how I would succeed at this or that. Maybe I’d become an astronaut or a pilot. Maybe I would become a reporter, an adventurer, a wandering minstrel. I would also sit and think about all of the ways I would avoid making the kind of mistakes that other people made, and how I would never fall into the same mistakes or situations as they did. Because I had a plan, I had it all figured out.

Then I systematically began to make just about every mistake I had ever witnessed other people make, much to my dismay. The more I tried to be do everything right, the more life threw at me situations that made me question everything. The more concrete the plan, the more doors slammed, the more everything crumbled beneath me. Until I had made more mistakes than just about anyone I could think of, and watched my goals and aspirations fall into oblivion. In desperation, loneliness and confusion, I realized that everything I thought I knew was wrong.

And ironically, it was when I realized that everything I thought I knew was wrong, things started to come together. I realized what I really wanted to do with my life, and where I had been going wrong. It was around this time that opportunities presented themselves to me, easily and effortlessly.

Lately I have been reading the news. Reading about controversial situations like religion, politics and racial tension. And below the article, I see the thousands of comments people leave, thousands of people who think they have it all figured out. Blanket statements, black and white statements, people drawing lines in the sand. Making statements that are fun to make, you know, the kind of statements that make you feel like you have it all figured out and the other people are idiots. Of course, I wrote a couple of comments myself, feeling rather proud of myself, I must add.

A lot of people thinking they know everything, people like me. Making mistakes they thought they would never make, standing for things at the expense of others-judging the people on the other side of the fence.

I like to think that when we are all old, and have watched our ideals crumble, our sure-fire plans fizzle, our black-and-white convictions fade to shades of grey, that we can all sit on our rocking chairs and bask in the wonder that children do. Back to the place where you knew for a fact there was still so much to learn, so many things left to discover.

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Two Chocolate Cookies And Unconditional Love

I used to sit with my Grammy downstairs in the basement of the church. I would bring her tea and two cookies. She would smile so gratefully as I sat with her while the kids ran and played around in the field, surrounded by ponderosa pines. Sometimes we would speak, sometimes we wouldn’t, but there was always this knowing between us, like we would always be pals.

I often go back to that time when times seem dark, when she sat with me. Even just her presence gave me the strength I needed to be strong, no matter what seemed to be happening in my life. I see her hand resting on mine, her cane resting on the table. She always liked chocolate cookies the best and Market Spice tea.

I didn’t agree with everything the church was saying, and I’m sure she didn’t necessarily care for all the decisions I was making, but there was something there anyway. Something deeper between us. I guess for lack of a better term, I would call it unconditional love. When she died, I saw her in the butterflies, in the ponderosa pines, in the wildflowers, in the rivers and in the mountains. Sometimes I swear she comes to me when I am troubled, or when I could use a friend. It’s just a feeling I guess, like she is sitting with me to lend me strength.

I don’t know what it’s all about, why people do what they do, why there is suffering in the world. Sometimes I think the world could be so much easier if we all could just stop being so defensive all the time. But I do know that there are moments in time when I have experienced love, or what love could be, and I know that there is something there holding me up when times get hard.

Sometimes I get mad at myself for being so deep sometimes, for thinking about such heavy things on beautiful sunny days when everyone else seems to be outside throwing frisbees. But then I remember that that’s just who I am. Grammy puts her hand on mine, smiles at me, down in the basement, two chocolate cookies in front of her, one Market Spice tea. “I think you’re wonderful” she says.

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The Right To Change Your Mind

Have you ever made a decision, then realized afterwards it didn’t feel right? And then when you realized that the decision you made didn’t feel right, you went ahead with it anyway because you had a) already committed to it, b) didn’t want to disappoint someone or c) felt like it was too late to change your mind…?

On one hand, it seems that to commit to do something and not follow through is flaky and irresponsible. On the other hand, what is the right thing to do when the commitment you have made is clearly not in your best interest? What if you are presented with new information after you have committed?

What’s the difference between being irresponsible and deciding to change your mind?

I’ve tried really hard to do the things I commit to do, to follow through with the things I say I am going to do partly because I don’t like to admit I made a mistake and partly because I don’t like to disappoint people. For that reason, I’ve followed through with things at certain points in my life that I wish I hadn’t. Big things.

This week has presented a wide variety of situations where to be honest meant to disappoint people, change my mind, change my terms, or say no to things I don’t want. This unique set of challenges has taught me two things. First, you have the right to say you need time to think things over before making up your mind. Second, sometimes not changing your mind is betraying yourself. Sometimes not changing your mind IS the wrong choice.

If you ever find yourself struggling with a similar inner dilemma, here is a list of thoughts I have when you are trying to figure out when it’s important to disappoint people and change your mind…

1. Will you feel like you betrayed yourself if you follow through with it? Does the plan you committed to make you feel sick and unwell when you think about it? If so, it’s probably best to change your mind.

2. Would you rather not follow through because what you committed to is inconvenient or not what you feel like doing today? Changing your mind at the last minute because you aren’t in the mood on a regular basis will wear down your relationships so only you can decide whether the benefit outweighs the cost in this particular relationship.

3. Are you trading short-term embarrassment for long term suffering? If so, it’s time to be honest.

4. Did you commit to something and then the terms of the commitment changed? What if you learn something you did not know, something that makes you uncomfortable? You have a right to change your mind if the terms have changed or new information does not work for you. A commitment asked for without all pertinent information available is not a fair agreement to ask for in the first place.

The long and the short of it is, like most things in life, there is a lot of gray area. What’s right in one situation is not always right in another. The important thing to remember in these situations is trust your instincts (note I didn’t moods and feelings: there have been plenty of times when I didn’t feel like doing something that was actually in my best interest, and was very glad I did it anyway) and remember that even though respecting others is important, your main responsibility is taking care of yourself. Ironically, taking good care of yourself usually ends up benefiting everyone the most in the long run.

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Bum With A Sack Full Of Gold

When I was a kid, I used to go up into the mountains to my grandparent’s house. The snow would get so high, I would take a step and my whole leg would disappear. Sometimes the snow would be as high as I was tall. All around me a winter wonderland, like somebody took a bowl of whipped cream and carefully topped all the ponderosa pines, the meadows, the mountain peaks in the distance.

And as temperatures went down, ice crystals would form on top of the pure white snow. I remember being really excited because believed I was surrounded by diamonds. Back then, everything that sparkled was a diamond to me and I thought myself very rich indeed.

Now, I have been to stores that sold diamonds. Big, bright diamonds-the kind you see in commercials with the pretty models and the dashing suitor. “Give her what she really wants”, they say as if a woman’s greatest goal in life is to own a sparkly bit of rock. Maybe it is for some people, but it never seemed to be for me.

But the diamonds in the store never made me happy to look at, not like the sparkles on the snow or the stars in the sky.

And it reminds me of a dream I had later in life (after I’d lost that childlike awareness) where I was homeless dressed in rags wandering the streets. And I came across a bum with a giant ragged rucksack. I sat down beside him and we talked for a while and as he opened his sack it was overflowing with diamonds, rubies, emeralds. And I jumped up and down “But don’t you see?!! You’re rich! You’re going to be fine!! Everything’s going to be alright!!”

And he smiled and winked at me and said “Yes, I am rich, but not the way you think”. I looked around me and the landscape had changed. The streets were covered in gold, everything around me was so beautiful. It was like I had been given eyes to see the richness that had surrounded me the whole time.

It is nice to have everything you need, and be able to get at least some of the things you want. But I wonder if it’s more important to have the eyes to see what you already have.

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101 Things To Be Happy About

Years ago I was riding on a bus on a dark and dreary day. And everyone was kind of staring out the window, their faces reflected in that strange fluorescent gloomy glow.

Then out of nowhere the bus driver began to sing a song over the microphone, a song about riding the metro bus through the rain. At first people began to chuckle, then they began to sing along. Pretty soon the whole bus was singing about riding with all of their new friends through the rain on the metro bus. It didn’t take long before everyone was laughing and singing and talking to each other like old friends.

I’ve taken the bus many times since then but never again encountered the man who turned miracles just by singing a happy song, but I like to think he is out there singing in the rain somewhere. It was years ago, but the memory of him still makes me smile.

In honor of the singing Metro bus driver who shared his happiness with me, I have compiled a list of things that make me happy to share with you.

1. The sound of duck’s feet padding on the pavement,
2. Watching kittens chase things and trip over themselves,
3. The singing Metro bus driver,
4. Stars, and the thought of life on other planets,
5. Strange weather and storm chasers,
6. Searching for lost treasure,
7. Searching to understand mysterious phenomenon,
8. Coffee and comic books,
9. How smart little kids are,
10. The sound of chalk writing on a chalkboard (I don’t know why this pleases me, but it does),
11. Snowmobiles,
12. Snow that sparkles like diamonds,
13. Rainbows,
14. Giving little unexpected gifts, wrapped up neatly and sweetly,
15. Getting little unexpected gifts, wrapped up neatly and sweetly,
16. Songs that pull my heartstrings,
17. Songs that make me want to dance,
18. Thinking about how I can brighten somebody’s day,
19. Doing something to brighten somebody else’s day,
20. The Scary Snowman on Youtube,
21. Spongebob,
22. The smell of trees and flowers and dirt,
23. Strange and exotic places on earth I have yet to see,
24. Imagining I’m an astronaut,
25. Watching people come and go at airports, going to wonderful new places and reuniting with people they love,
26. Seinfeld, Jim Carrey, Adam Sandler, Robin Williams, Eddie Murphy, Bill Cosby,
27. People who go on fundraising walks,
28. Farmers who toil so we have food,
29. People who sew the clothes we wear,
30. People who built the shelter over our head,
31. Thinking about how cool it is that airplanes can actually fly,
32. The first few flowers of spring,
33. Driving through the mountains,
34. The Special Olympics,
35. The Olympics,
36. Breakdancing,
37. People wearing gorilla suits,
38. Flying dreams,
39. Slip -n- Slides,
40. Strange cloud formations,
41. Well-made shoes,
42. The way rocks look under clear water,
43. Scuba Divers, Surfers, and Kite Surfers (man that looks fun!)
44. Singing enthusiastically even if slightly off key,
45. Wrigging my toes in new socks,
46. Roller skates, bikes and trikes,
47. The Smurfs,
48. Watching the clouds while floating on my back in the lake,
49. Cheesy Lifetime movies,
50. Cheesier sentimental music from the 80’s,
51. Really cute little cakes like you’d see on Alice In Wonderland,
52. Fresh flowers on the table,
53. Trying out a new recipe,
54. Throwing balls to the dog,
55. Redecorating my place,
56. Floating on a $3 floating mat surrounded by million-dollar boats, drinking lemonade and stretched out like a queen.
57. Making a “hot tub” out of a blow-up kiddie pool on the porch and acting high society,
58. Meditating at the ocean,
59. Imagining myself in a quilting club or baking cookies as an old lady,
60. Jazz bars and lady singers dressed in sequins,
61. Melodramatic tweens,
62. Tea parties with real china cups and saucers,
63. The mad hatter, old version and Johnny Depp version,
64. Throwing unbirthday parties,
65. The scarecrow, the tin man, the lion and Dorothy in the old Wizard of Oz,
66. My Grammy’s homemade root beer,
67. The Space Needle,
68. The Sydney Opera House, people really can make dreams a reality!
69. How big whales get,
70. How high I jumped when I found a stick bug sitting on my shoulder on the way to class one day.
71. How I once slipped and fell fully clothed into an ocean bath shortly after explaining to a new friend that my name means “graceful”,
72. Hobbit’s little houses stocked with loads of cheese and freshly baked bread,
73. Canadian pancake houses,
74. Baby goats,
75. The root on the sidewalk I ALWAYS tripped over,
76. Arthur, a cockatoo I made friends with once, who danced with me while balancing on a white fence.
77. People who know how to ride unicycles,
78. Picnics,
79. Movies that are so bad, they become good,
80. Flat-faced dogs,
81. Some ill-mannered cats I know, affectionately nicknamed “Hissy and Scratchy”,
82. Conspiracy theories and popcorn,
83. Watching the sunset on the porch with a nice cup of tea,
84. Places that smell like cinnamon and freshly baked bread,
85. Wondering how many balloons I’d have to hold to start floating up into the sky,
86. Bugs Bunny and the Looney Tunes,
87. When I’m feeling ill-tempered, imagining that I am a giant robot stomping around, making a nuisance of myself.
88. The dungeness crab that came back to pinch at me after I had set him free, just to show me who’s boss,
89. Dr. Who,
90. The games little kids come up with and how the rules are always changing,
91. Fresh air floating past clean, white curtains,
92. How you can see so many stars out in the desert or out at sea,
93. Sea Otters, Seals, and Dolphins playing,
94. Dropping onto the grass after a long run,
95. Kind words when you really need to hear them,
96. An unexpectedly favorable turn of events,
97. Watching movies of polar bear moms sliding over the snow with their cubs,
98. Reflecting how many different kinds of animals have noses, eyes, mouths, and limbs not too unlike my own,
99. Imagining what aliens might look like,
100. Joseph Campbell and Einstein,
101. One of the last things my Grammy said to me as she grasped my hands in hers; “It’s been such a wonderful time! I wish I could go back and do it all over again!”

May today be a happy day!



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