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Talking About The Weather

Yesterday, the windstorm came and the rains came down hard. Its as if the lack of rain all summer decided to come at once. Trees were breaking, power lines were down, and the lights were out, leading to absolute madness … Continue reading

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Come Out From Behind The Curtain And Swing For The Fences

Lately I’ve gotten a bit hung up on self-improvement. Maybe it’s because I have been subjecting myself to all the self-help audios I release ;). It is an interesting thing to choose to grow, because while there is promise of … Continue reading

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Let Go, Make Room For Bigger And Better

In Stephen Mitchell’s translation of the Tao te Ching, one passage reads “The Master leads by emptying people’s minds and filling their cores, by weakening their ambition and toughening their resolve. He helps people lose everything they know, everything they … Continue reading

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Where Therapy Falls Short, Hypnotherapy Steps Forth

Have you ever known someone who went to therapy for years and years, processed their past, could tell you why they do what they do, and yet haven’t changed that pattern or tendency they went to therapy to begin with? … Continue reading

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Tulips In The Snow

I woke up this morning and the world was covered in a blanket of white, the first snow of the year. And as I was sitting there thinking about what I could do today, the light out of the corner … Continue reading

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Back To When I Had It All Figured Out

It all started when I thought I knew everything. I was roughly 8 years old I think. I had decided that I would do everything better than my parents did, live a fun and exciting life, make the kind of … Continue reading

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Two Chocolate Cookies And Unconditional Love

I used to sit with my Grammy downstairs in the basement of the church. I would bring her tea and two cookies. She would smile so gratefully as I sat with her while the kids ran and played around in … Continue reading

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The Right To Change Your Mind

Have you ever made a decision, then realized afterwards it didn’t feel right? And then when you realized that the decision you made didn’t feel right, you went ahead with it anyway because you had a) already committed to it, … Continue reading

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Bum With A Sack Full Of Gold

When I was a kid, I used to go up into the mountains to my grandparent’s house. The snow would get so high, I would take a step and my whole leg would disappear. Sometimes the snow would be as … Continue reading

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101 Things To Be Happy About

Years ago I was riding on a bus on a dark and dreary day. And everyone was kind of staring out the window, their faces reflected in that strange fluorescent gloomy glow. Then out of nowhere the bus driver began … Continue reading

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