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About Death

I saw a documentary about a polar bear a few days ago. He was the father polar bear and he swam miles and miles out to sea to try to hunt for food for the mother bear and the baby … Continue reading

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Stop Being a Victim

Are you being persecuted, punished, neglected or otherwise used over and over again? Do you tend to end up in relationships where you are abused or find that people are constantly trying to push you around? It is difficult to … Continue reading

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Pain is Good For You

In the United States, we are constantly given the message that pain is our enemy. We are taught to believe that we should be happy and comfortable, that life should be convenient and fun, that if we are unhappy or … Continue reading

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Master Negotiation Skills

We all have our not-so-classy moments when we find ourselves failing at productively advocating for what we want. We might respond to our frustration and sense of failure with yelling, sarcasm, condescension, silent treatments, gossip, isolating ourselves or even physical … Continue reading

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How to be a Perfect Person

Joseph Campbell once said “We’re so engaged in doing things to achieve purposes of outer value that we forget the inner value, the rapture that is associated with being alive, is what it is all about”. My question for you … Continue reading

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Aim For The Sky

I like flying. From the moment I step out onto the sidewalk where the recorded speakerphone lady barks at you to move your car, to the fluid motion of people filing their way to or from just about everywhere. I … Continue reading

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6 Basic Tips For Optimum Well-being, Happiness and Health

There are always going to be people wanting to sell you something. From medications, to detoxifying elixers, to weight loss supplements, therapies, to time-shares in Mexico, everyone is trying to make a living and everyone would like to be the … Continue reading

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The Power of Silence

It’s a Monday morning, partly cloudy and I’m sitting, drinking nettle tea and staring out the window. I see orange, green, gold and magenta leaves gently cascading down on a line of antique homes and the sound of cars a … Continue reading

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