How To Be A Winner

One day, I was running along the ocean and saw what I thought was a great white shark darting through the water by some surfers. Concerned I ran towards the beach to warn them, realizing that it was actually a swimmer who was swimming quite fast. Fascinated, I thought this must be some kind of Olympic Athlete and I ran along as he swam. A half a mile later, as he waded out of the water, I watched this phenomenal swimmer as he headed towards the shore.

As he approached, I noticed that he was probably 78 years old with a long white beard and a wooden peg leg. He smiled brightly at me and said “G’day mate!”.

My idea of what it meant to be a winner changed forever in that moment.

What do you think of when you think “winner”? Is it winning the lottery, being fit, rich, or being on top? And what if you are none of the above? I think of the parents who get really upset during their kids’ games, or the team that goes home with their shoulders down. If you think in terms of “winner”, there must be a “loser”.

And even if you are the winner for a while, there always seems to be a moment when someone else comes up behind you, and eventually overtakes you. Time to pass the torch and come back down to the ground. Some people find that quite hard.

Then there are the people who do the best they can with whatever cards that they are dealt. I have seen people do some pretty amazing things with very few cards, so to speak. Like my grammy, who whittled with one hand when she lost the use of the other. I’ve seen people swimming faster than I could with one arm, people starting their own companies with a 6th grade education, never complaining about what they lack.

I’ve heard it said “You can’t win every time”. I disagree. Your life is going to have ups and downs just like everyone else. It doesn’t really matter whether you win or you lose. What matters is that you play the cards that you are dealt with a good attitude. I think that if you play the cards that you are dealt with a good attitude, then my friend, you are already a winner.

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