Faith, Courage

Are you stepping out on the ledge, or looking up out of a rut? Modern life seems to call people into routine, watching television, going to the same job day after day, ordering the same coffee, spending time with the same people, stopping in the same drive-through restaurant.

And all of that can kind of suck you into some sense of invincibility, like life will always be this way. Maybe there is some sense of comfort in believing that. I don’t know.

But then there are those moments when everything turns upside down and life begins to change. Perhaps you aren’t working at the same place anymore. Perhaps you have lost a friend or a lover. Maybe you have ventured into something bigger than you could have ever imagined.

Last night I watched the stars, this moment being one of those moments where many things are changing, where it takes me to that fundamental question “Who am I, and what’s it all about anyway?”. All of that false security falls by the wayside, and what I am left with is uncertainty and a vision of where I am aiming.

I would imagine that this discomfort has been the starting point of many great stories throughout human history. I think of Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade, though fictional, contains a wonderful metaphor for what it means to have faith and courage. There is a part where he has to go through certain trials in order to obtain the holy grail, one of them being he has to walk across an invisible bridge over a deathly high canyon. He takes a deep breath, wobbles a bit and then forces one foot forward.

Having courage does not mean that you are not scared to take that step, or to have faith in the face of those who wish to stand in your way. It means trusting in your highest vision more than living in fear. And there are some moments in life where your knees will be shaking, where you will wonder if everything you have set out to do is all in vain.

Those are the most important moments, the moments when you are being tested. How many trials can you withstand without losing your faith? How many obstacles can you overcome? Likely you have much more strength inside yourself than you can possibly imagine.

There have been times in my life when I thought to myself “I can’t handle this”, and yet here I am, and I did handle it. What means more to you, comfort or seeking your heart’s desire? Each day you make many small choices, choices that will determine what your life will look like tomorrow. And even if you are completely lost, are you not one step closer to going after what you really want?

I believe that faith and courage exists within all of us, waiting to be taken up at the most challenging times to be turned into something wonderful.

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One Response to Faith, Courage

  1. Alison Anderson says:

    I like that question, “What do you seek most, comfort or your heart’s desire?” So true how many times these two things are on opposite ends of the spectrum. I think most people settle for comfort, not by a concious decision, but by default because they haven’t taken the time to really evaluate what they fear in seeking their heart’s desire and how to get past those fears. I’m no exception!


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