Bring Out Your Inner Heretic

There was a time when Galileo was accused of being a heretic for suggesting that the earth moved around the sun, when Joan of Arc was accused of being a witch, Martin Luthor King lost his life speaking the truth, and people like Jesus were crucified for going against the grain.
And the cult norms of society blinded society then, and they blind society today.
When unrelenting greed is deemed acceptable and being an unwed mother is not.
When violence is deemed acceptable and having a certain sexual orientation is not.
When self righteousness is acceptable and right and wrong is determined by how expensive your lawyer is.
When it is an insult to call someone a girl,
and a compliment to call someone a man.
When you are encouraged to sue the socks off someone just because you can…
And rewarded for selling people what they do not need and cannot afford…
There is hypocrisy in the world today, as there has been since the beginning of recorded history.

The collective consciousness of society moves and evolves through time, perhaps blinded with this idea that now we have it all figured out. And then there are the people who see things a little differently. The people who can see what other people do not see.
And these are the heretics, the brave souls who drive the collective consciousness forward.

Have you carried a stigma that society has placed upon you? Are you a heretic?

Imagine handing that stigma back to society. It belongs to modern society, not to you. Imagine drawing a line around yourself…this is where society ends and you begin. Ask yourself “What can I learn from society?”

Now ask yourself “What can society learn from me?”

The world needs free thinkers to help it to evolve, no matter how hard it pushes back.

In speaking your truth, you will likely meet resistance. There will be people who will feel threatened by what you have to say. Keep on saying it. In being true to who you are, there will be people who will be threatened by your courage…be who you are anyway.

Have faith in who you are. Have faith in what you have to say. You are the salt of the earth, the breath of fresh air, and the balancing force of the world.

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One Response to Bring Out Your Inner Heretic

  1. rp-s says:

    Uh oh. Anna Thompson has a blog.

    Part of being awesome is knowing when NOT to speak your truth. Shouting the truth from the rooftops does no good if you are shouting for strange reasons, and often if you are shouting at all.

    I am 40% girl.

    There is no blanket advice for “free thinkers,” and the folks who listen with allegiance aren’t really exemplifying that, you know? I like your writing style… Will certainly read more.

    I actually just swung by because I can’t sleep…. So I’m going to listen to you now.


    Ps: Iggy Pop dresses like a woman because he believes there’s nothing to be ashamed about for dressing like a woman. Cool guy, Iggy Pop.


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