Anywhere But Here

I am sitting, looking out at a beautiful turquoise ocean. It’s warm outside and the air is sifting through beautiful large palm trees. I have everything I could need and want…time, food, beautiful surroundings…and yet all I can think about is the chilly fall leaves back home already fallen to the ground. I miss the rain, the grey clouds, the ordinary little things.

My whole life I have wanted to see far off places, but it seems that the farther I go, the more I long for home. I think about people at work looking out at rainy skies dreaming of far off lands, thinking “How great would it be if only I were someplace else…anywhere but here?”

When I look outside I see all kinds of fun fun. Surfers, kite surfers, sunbathers and people drinking cocktails. Shows, parties, entertainment-but it all looks hollow somehow, like a movie with spectacular visual effects and an unfortunately dismal plot.

People all over the world are watching television right now, spending precious hours of their lives escaping into another place. Entertainment takes us anywhere but here. People all over the world right now are daydreaming about being somewhere else…somewhere more exciting, more spectacular, more appealing. And yet many people who make it big-perhaps they have won the lottery or became rich and famous-fall into despair when they get everything they wanted. Why is this I wonder?

Are we living our lives, I mean really living? Or are we simply addicted to dreaming? Addicted to abandoning the present moment for something bigger and better?

It makes me think of the saying “The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence”. I am one of those people who has spent a great deal of time chasing the grass on the other side of the fence in one way or another. And here I am living my dreams, realizing like Dorothy in the “Wizard Of Oz” that there is no place like home. The people that know me, the ordinary aspects of everyday life. And it would take an awful lot more than three clicks of my heels to get me there, but that’s missing the point entirely isn’t it?

In longing for home, I am sacrificing this moment, this experience.

Perhaps life is not about wishing and wanting for someplace or somebody-to be longing for anywhere but here. Perhaps if we are wishing and wanting to fill that empty place, it is because the emptiness is the space -here and now- in our lives that we have abandoned while daydreaming, trading the plot line of our lives for hollow entertainment.

But what would happen if people, including myself, began to wake from the illusion that splendor equals happiness and entertainment equals fulfillment? If we took our precious time and focused all that energy on building communities, creating, innovating, connecting with each other? I wonder if we could all begin to see a much more magnificent plot unfolding in the world. Instead of thinking “I wish I was anywhere but here”, we’d be saying “There’s no place like home”.

In shifting our focus not on what the world can offer us over to what we can offer the world, perhaps we can finally find the happiness, the fulfillment we have always been looking for.

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One Response to Anywhere But Here

  1. Happy Murray says:

    “Grass may be greener on the other side. But ask yourself this question: Do I like grass?”


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