To Sabotage Or To Not Sabotage Your Goals?

Anybody feel like sabotaging their New Year’s Resolutions? I’ll give you some compelling reasons (my brains cooks up excuses really easily).

1. It’s too hard.
2. Why do I put so much pressure on myself?
3. Live a little.
4. But it’s a special occasion.
5. I’m bored, wouldn’t it be fun to…?
6. I’m really not THAT bad.
7. The dryer’s too hot, that’s why all my pants are shrinking…
8. I can’t do this, I’m just not disciplined enough.
9. I’ll start again when the timing is better.
10. I’m so deprived.
11. Just give up.
12. Just a little bit.
13. I like being comfortable.
14. This totally sucks, I would be so much happier if I was (doing what I set out to stop doing, or not doing what I set out to do).

Do any of these sound familiar? Well I was really struggling with my own New Year’s resolution this year and these were the thoughts going through my head. You know those moments when you want to quit with every fiber of your being? Well here is a list I compiled of why NOT to quit when it’s something you really want or why to pick back up where you started and keep going.

1. Here I quote myself prior to the onset of my efforts “That’s it. I’m really going to do it this time”.
2. “This time I’m really going to finish”.
3. Life’s too short not to go after what I really want. Be the best person I can be.
4. That which is difficult makes me stronger.
5. I don’t need it, I want it.
6. If I only live once, how do I want the story of my life to go?
7. This builds discipline.
8. I’ve never regretted saying no to what was bad for me.
9. Grow up and make decisions for the right reasons (I know this sounds harsh, but it helped me to quit feeling sorry for myself).
10. Big discipline, big results.
11. One day at a time.
12. I believe in myself.
13. I trust myself.
14. I love myself.

Ultimately what determines the outcome of a person’s life? Small decisions, one at a time, each and every day. I can’t decide for my tomorrow self what I will do, but I can decide what the me of today will decide. I can’t decide for my yesterday self, because my yesterday self no longer exists. But today I choose to be strong.

One thing that reading those lists can really display is how powerful words are. The things we tell ourselves (whether or not they are true) determine our actions throughout everyday life. For those of you who are interested in using hypnosis to stick with their goals, I have two specific recommendations 1. Stop Sabotaging Yourself, and 2. Total Motivation And Willpower.

Happy 2013!!!


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