101 Things To Be Happy About

Years ago I was riding on a bus on a dark and dreary day. And everyone was kind of staring out the window, their faces reflected in that strange fluorescent gloomy glow.

Then out of nowhere the bus driver began to sing a song over the microphone, a song about riding the metro bus through the rain. At first people began to chuckle, then they began to sing along. Pretty soon the whole bus was singing about riding with all of their new friends through the rain on the metro bus. It didn’t take long before everyone was laughing and singing and talking to each other like old friends.

I’ve taken the bus many times since then but never again encountered the man who turned miracles just by singing a happy song, but I like to think he is out there singing in the rain somewhere. It was years ago, but the memory of him still makes me smile.

In honor of the singing Metro bus driver who shared his happiness with me, I have compiled a list of things that make me happy to share with you.

1. The sound of duck’s feet padding on the pavement,
2. Watching kittens chase things and trip over themselves,
3. The singing Metro bus driver,
4. Stars, and the thought of life on other planets,
5. Strange weather and storm chasers,
6. Searching for lost treasure,
7. Searching to understand mysterious phenomenon,
8. Coffee and comic books,
9. How smart little kids are,
10. The sound of chalk writing on a chalkboard (I don’t know why this pleases me, but it does),
11. Snowmobiles,
12. Snow that sparkles like diamonds,
13. Rainbows,
14. Giving little unexpected gifts, wrapped up neatly and sweetly,
15. Getting little unexpected gifts, wrapped up neatly and sweetly,
16. Songs that pull my heartstrings,
17. Songs that make me want to dance,
18. Thinking about how I can brighten somebody’s day,
19. Doing something to brighten somebody else’s day,
20. The Scary Snowman on Youtube,
21. Spongebob,
22. The smell of trees and flowers and dirt,
23. Strange and exotic places on earth I have yet to see,
24. Imagining I’m an astronaut,
25. Watching people come and go at airports, going to wonderful new places and reuniting with people they love,
26. Seinfeld, Jim Carrey, Adam Sandler, Robin Williams, Eddie Murphy, Bill Cosby,
27. People who go on fundraising walks,
28. Farmers who toil so we have food,
29. People who sew the clothes we wear,
30. People who built the shelter over our head,
31. Thinking about how cool it is that airplanes can actually fly,
32. The first few flowers of spring,
33. Driving through the mountains,
34. The Special Olympics,
35. The Olympics,
36. Breakdancing,
37. People wearing gorilla suits,
38. Flying dreams,
39. Slip -n- Slides,
40. Strange cloud formations,
41. Well-made shoes,
42. The way rocks look under clear water,
43. Scuba Divers, Surfers, and Kite Surfers (man that looks fun!)
44. Singing enthusiastically even if slightly off key,
45. Wrigging my toes in new socks,
46. Roller skates, bikes and trikes,
47. The Smurfs,
48. Watching the clouds while floating on my back in the lake,
49. Cheesy Lifetime movies,
50. Cheesier sentimental music from the 80’s,
51. Really cute little cakes like you’d see on Alice In Wonderland,
52. Fresh flowers on the table,
53. Trying out a new recipe,
54. Throwing balls to the dog,
55. Redecorating my place,
56. Floating on a $3 floating mat surrounded by million-dollar boats, drinking lemonade and stretched out like a queen.
57. Making a “hot tub” out of a blow-up kiddie pool on the porch and acting high society,
58. Meditating at the ocean,
59. Imagining myself in a quilting club or baking cookies as an old lady,
60. Jazz bars and lady singers dressed in sequins,
61. Melodramatic tweens,
62. Tea parties with real china cups and saucers,
63. The mad hatter, old version and Johnny Depp version,
64. Throwing unbirthday parties,
65. The scarecrow, the tin man, the lion and Dorothy in the old Wizard of Oz,
66. My Grammy’s homemade root beer,
67. The Space Needle,
68. The Sydney Opera House, people really can make dreams a reality!
69. How big whales get,
70. How high I jumped when I found a stick bug sitting on my shoulder on the way to class one day.
71. How I once slipped and fell fully clothed into an ocean bath shortly after explaining to a new friend that my name means “graceful”,
72. Hobbit’s little houses stocked with loads of cheese and freshly baked bread,
73. Canadian pancake houses,
74. Baby goats,
75. The root on the sidewalk I ALWAYS tripped over,
76. Arthur, a cockatoo I made friends with once, who danced with me while balancing on a white fence.
77. People who know how to ride unicycles,
78. Picnics,
79. Movies that are so bad, they become good,
80. Flat-faced dogs,
81. Some ill-mannered cats I know, affectionately nicknamed “Hissy and Scratchy”,
82. Conspiracy theories and popcorn,
83. Watching the sunset on the porch with a nice cup of tea,
84. Places that smell like cinnamon and freshly baked bread,
85. Wondering how many balloons I’d have to hold to start floating up into the sky,
86. Bugs Bunny and the Looney Tunes,
87. When I’m feeling ill-tempered, imagining that I am a giant robot stomping around, making a nuisance of myself.
88. The dungeness crab that came back to pinch at me after I had set him free, just to show me who’s boss,
89. Dr. Who,
90. The games little kids come up with and how the rules are always changing,
91. Fresh air floating past clean, white curtains,
92. How you can see so many stars out in the desert or out at sea,
93. Sea Otters, Seals, and Dolphins playing,
94. Dropping onto the grass after a long run,
95. Kind words when you really need to hear them,
96. An unexpectedly favorable turn of events,
97. Watching movies of polar bear moms sliding over the snow with their cubs,
98. Reflecting how many different kinds of animals have noses, eyes, mouths, and limbs not too unlike my own,
99. Imagining what aliens might look like,
100. Joseph Campbell and Einstein,
101. One of the last things my Grammy said to me as she grasped my hands in hers; “It’s been such a wonderful time! I wish I could go back and do it all over again!”

May today be a happy day!



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