Tulips In The Snow

I woke up this morning and the world was covered in a blanket of white, the first snow of the year. And as I was sitting there thinking about what I could do today, the light out of the corner of my eye caught me. I noticed the tulips on the table against the majestic white wonderland outside. Twinkling lights off in the distance and roads that look like a few cars gingerly tried their luck. It’s quiet, you know the kind of quiet where everyone decided that it’s okay to stay home and do nothing. I don’t think I could improve a moment like this, even if I tried.

It’s a beautiful life and a beautiful day.

Last week, my yoga instructor gave us a mantra, something to focus on when our thoughts started to wander. It went “I am happy…not because everything in my life is good…but because I see the good in everything”. For myself, someone who is always looking at how everything connects together, fascinated with the origins of life’s difficulties, it hit me as so simple, yet so profound. There will always be problems to work out…

But these tulips only have a day or two left to shine their brilliant colors. There will never be tulips exactly like these again, sitting on my kitchen table, contrasted by a winter wonderland outside.

Eleven years ago, I lost my brother in a car accident and the anniversary still hits me, and I’m glad it still hits me, because I still feel the sweetness, the gratitude for the time we had. I think of the last moments we spent together, goofing off in the snow. Those moments, like the tulips will forever be written on my heart. So I remind myself that each day is filled with tulips-people I love, beautiful moments passing by, and not to miss it.

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One Response to Tulips In The Snow

  1. Sue Bennett says:

    nov 17th we said good night to our Baily….four years ago…..always in our hearts…..remembering his infectious giggle……a free spirit……making heaven even more desirable.
    Bless them for eternity!


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