Come Out From Behind The Curtain And Swing For The Fences

Lately I’ve gotten a bit hung up on self-improvement. Maybe it’s because I have been subjecting myself to all the self-help audios I release ;). It is an interesting thing to choose to grow, because while there is promise of getting somewhere you would like to go, or becoming the person you would like to be, at least for me, I also have to accept that a month or a year from now, I might look back and see where I came from, and be slightly embarrassed at what I was once proud of-maybe see something I didn’t see before. Sometimes, it’s more comfortable to be blind to my unfinished-ness.

So I’ve been working really hard at improving, and actually, that constant focus on improving has given me a sense of “Oh crap, what if I create something today that I could have done better tomorrow?” You know, by that better, more improved person I will be at that point. And recently I’ve reached a point in a musical project where I’ve recorded to the best of my ability after getting lessons, practicing, working on being on stage, putting my heart into it. You know, the part where I have to admit this is the best I can do at this point in time, step out, and pull back the curtain. There is something deeply humbling and magical about moments in time like this. It’s like telling the love of your life how you feel about them, knowing full well they could crush you, and yet doing it anyway.

I keep thinking of that scene from “The Wizard of Oz” when the great and powerful Oz is discovered behind the curtain. He has been projecting out this great green giant head to impress everyone-when in actuality, he is just a man behind a curtain. When I first saw that movie, I may have feared that great green giant head, but I didn’t connect with it. Instead, I felt a connection with the man behind the curtain. The one who made mistakes and fumbled around, and all around just did the best he could. And really, when I think about the artists, philosophers, and visionaries that have impacted me the most, it was not their perfection that compelled me, it was their raw spirit. It was their courage to step out from behind the curtain and put it out there-the unadulterated truth of what they saw, the unfinished, the unexplored, the undone, the crass, the brazen, the sweet and the sour, the love, the hate and everything in between. Maybe the man behind the curtain was more compelling than he realized.

I think we all have our ways of hiding behind the curtain, and our inner and outer critics that tell us we have to be better than we are. And it’s easy to get paralyzed by this fear, and instead get locked into this idea that our best self is somewhere out in the future. I would say the person behind the curtain is the best self, a person on a journey, a person trying new things, doing their best. Being behind the curtain is part of the journey, as well as coming forward and following your dreams. There is no way to start perfectly. You just have to start, and then keep on trying.

In 1923 Babe Ruth struck out more times than any other player in major league baseball, but he also had the record for the most home runs and the highest batting average of the season.

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2 Responses to Come Out From Behind The Curtain And Swing For The Fences

  1. Amanda Perez says:

    Hi Anna, I hope you are happy and well.
    I have recently purchased Jupiter productions “Power motivation, end procrastination” and have listened to it every night for a week. I am happy to say I have started to see a positive difference in my habits of procrastination and excuses. I am getting up at my first alarm in the morning, im finding that I am looking for a reason TO go to yoga and I seem to have a more positive attitude in general. However I cant seem to find a specific ” intention” to focus on while listening to the guided meditations but I do have general goals in mind.
    My questions to you are, Will I still be receiving the befits of a sleep lesson without a specific “intention” in mind?
    Will the benefits increase or decrease if I listen to a different guided hypnosis every few days? For example if I listen to “power motivation, end procrastination” for a week then start listening to “zen mind” the week after that then maybe listen to “bold inner strength” the week after that. If I listen to each of these for a week and rotate them, will that be more or less beneficial?

    I am still new to hypnosis sleep learning, meditation and yoga. I decided that I needed to start somewhere so I started with Sleep learning: Power motivation, End procrastination (which I love by the way). I believe this mind body connection is what has been missing from my mostly wonderful life but have so many questions it can feel very overwhelming. I appreciate any advice and guidance you are able to give me on this journey.

    Thank you,


    Anna Reply:

    Hi Amanda, in answer to your questions, yes it is my opinion that you can get the benefits without having a specific intention, though in waking life, I would say that the more you can narrow down what you really want, the more effective you will be at creating that vision (not something you need to worry about at bedtime though). This process unfolds differently for different people. Some people know what they want from childhood, for others (like me), they have to follow a more winding path to figure it out.
    Your second question was whether the benefit would decrease if you listened to different guided self-hypnosis topics every few days. Again, I would say whatever you care most about changing is what you should focus most of your energy and time on. If at this point in your life, you are exploring and generally expanding into new arenas of thought, then it’s great to listen to all sorts of resources. Whatever feels right for you.

    Thanks for writing,



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