Talking About The Weather

Yesterday, the windstorm came and the rains came down hard. Its as if the lack of rain all summer decided to come at once. Trees were breaking, power lines were down, and the lights were out, leading to absolute madness on the roads. Like rats piling over each other to escape the storm drain, we sat there in our cars, surrounded by a sea of other cars. There was no escape, every back road was either gridlocked, closed, covered in flares or draped gracefully with live wires.
It was a windy day on many levels. Floating in my thoughts was a missed reunion, a missed funeral, a musical milestone, and all the poignant, upside-down feelings that sometimes come with life’s twists and turns. Sometimes I swear the weather eggs me on in my flights of fancy. I was grateful for the pouring rain, the wind, and the chaos of it all. There was something, I don’t know, validating about it all.
Like the weather is saying what I don’t have the words to say.
I like storms for the same reason that I love psychology. Both reflect manifestations of underlying, subtle forces. We tend to dislike the carnage that storms can bring, but they also remind us to stop and pay attention, to listen to this moment and to listen to ourselves. Where is this coming from?…and what am I missing here?
So whether this day brings sunshine, rain, or hurricanes, I hope that the silver lining reveals itself to you. All is well.

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2 Responses to Talking About The Weather

  1. Jim says:

    I see you haven’t posted anything for a while. I just discovered you on Spotify and was wondering if you are still producing self-help audio, and if there have been any significant updates / breakthroughs in the field.



    Anna Reply:

    Hi Jim,

    I am making audiobooks these days (new and improved). For more information, click on the tab above marked “Audiobooks”.

    Thanks for listening,



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